Hot Buttered Rum
Something Beautiful


Color: Rum and Coke | Weight: 180 Gram

Twenty years in and the Butter’s still churning steady! From Hot Buttered Rum’s first rowdy Northern California house parties and backcountry trips, it’s been clear this is a group of guys with something to sing about, something to chase after, something to keep them going through the long highway miles between their hundreds of nationwide club dates and festival slots. Two tremendous decades of these “somethings” have led Hot Buttered Rum to their latest contribution, Something Beautiful. Recorded and written in the hills the band has loved since their earliest days, Hot Buttered Rum stayed close to home in all respects on their latest album. With special appearances by fellow Californians Holly Bowling on piano, Barry Sless on steel guitar and California state champion Alex Sharps on fiddle, Something finds the band in rare form, loose and inspired in the way folks can be when they truly love making music together.

1. Another Man’s Song
2. Highway Sign
3. Something Beautiful
4. Good One Gone
5. What Do I Know
6. The Trial of John Walker Lindh
7. Lay Me Down a Pallet on Your Floor
8. Well-Oiled Machine
9. Church is Where You Make It
10. Dovetail Joint

Hot Buttered Rum is:
Erik Yates – Vocals, Banjo, Dobro
Nat Keefe – Vocals, Guitars
Bryan Horne – Upright Basses, Vocals
James Stafford – Drums, Mandolin, Vocals

Guest Musicians:
Alex Sharps – Fiddle
Holly Bowling – Piano on Track 4
Barry Sless – Pedal Steel on Track 6



Side A

  1. Another Man’s Song
  2. Highway Sign
  3. Something Beautiful
  4. Good One Gone
  5. What Do I Know

Side B

  1. The Trial of John Walker Lindh
  2. Lay Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor
  3. Well-Oiled Machine
  4. Church Is Where You Make It
  5. Dovetail Joint

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in


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