Kelly Duplex


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New Orleans’ moniker-turned-band, Kelly Duplex, initially started as a home recording project for songwriter, ShaneAvrard. The project took shape as an outlet for songs that felt a step away from the feedback-laden, noise rock output he’d been adherent to for several years prior. Drummer Dreux LeBourgeois and bassist Kenny Murphy were intentional choices as collaborators on their debut EP, ‘Hoverround,’ which was also written and recorded in Avrard’s home in New Orleans through the summer of 2018. Despite LeBourgeois’ integral part in The Painted Hands and Murphy backing Julie Odell and others- they’ve stood by Avrard’s pop-slanted melodies and relatable approach to songwriting.

Bands are fundamentally successful based on their connections, personally as well as artistically. Personally, Kelly Duplex has become somewhat internally self-defined by their seemingly unbreakable habit of treating practice as family meals, spanning several hours, averaging only slightly more playing than eating. Avrard is often cooking for everyone at his home; his partner and their child are there, the house engulfed with wandering melodies- simmering pots on the stove with toys and instruments scattered about. Artistically, the band remains introspective and patient with their writing and arranging which has played to their collective strengths- allowing them to be diligently intentional and honest when crafting songs.

Kelly Duplex’s s/t first full-length album is informed by senses of loss both circumstantial and chosen, a wry but vaguely positive outlook on millennial parenthood, the wool-blanket heat of summer in New Orleans, dreams of fractions, incessant list-making, and an abundance of opinions regarding Sylvia Plath. Written over the span of two years, Avrard’s guitar pop affections have culminated into this: a carefully realized debut on which the band display their emotional and musical relationships.

1. the seemingly endless heat of summer in New Orleans. a wool blanket of humidity, paranoia & broken A/C
2. an old friends’ affectations, a night spent with Sylvia
3. a year of loss – chosen & circumstantial. a year of (re)picking up habits – remembered as more satisfying than they are
4. these are little souvenirs
5. of living chronically in a nation determined on ransoming my insulin
6. bijou, noun: something small, delicate & exquisitely wrought
7. and all can be divided into halves


Side A

  1. Hoverround
  2. Pink Light
  3. Shreveport
  4. Here’s Where The Story Ends

Side B

  1. Good Title
  2. Bijou
  3. Kick Me Again Jesus
  4. Halves

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