Moemaw Naedon
Dr. Deadhorse


Color: Translucent Red | Weight: 180 Gram

Since covering Moemaw Naedon back in 2015 with his video, “A Passing Face”, to half a decade later with, “Slime Volcanoes” featuring Calig Kontra, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based rapper/producer has proved his consistency hasn’t slowed down. He has evolved into a stand out emcee and beat maker through out the years, and now his album, “Dr. Deadhorse” finally dropped this month. Consisting of 12-tracks, the only thing I have to say is DAMN! Probably one of the dopest underground projects out right now. I hate comparing rappers, but I feel this album is like a Dr. Octagon record on steroids. That’s a compliment in my mind when it comes down to that hard hitting underground Hip Hop.

Let’s get right into the intro and self titled track, “Dr. Deadhorse”. Moemaw Naedon shows you why he is also known as Dr. Deadhorse painting a abstract image pretty much bringing his album cover to life without needed an actual video. His bar heavy lyrics over the beat is perfect as he warms up the album before listening to the rest following with a short 1 and a half minute track, “Zoom”. “My Great Odin’s Raven”, he describes how he separates himself from the rest of the rappers in the game. He hope’s you judge him off your own evaluation, and what I see is a hungry rapper showing off his superior skills on the mic only a few currently can match.

Skipping to “Cookin’ Again”, I like how he switches up the vibe on a smooth beat complimenting the song with a fast flow you definitely need to keep up to. If you miss a line, be sure to put the song on repeat. “Vamanos” featuring DJ ADMC, he gives the DJ time to shine in the end which every dope Hip Hop album should have. When you think about original styles in Hip Hop, “Shadowrun” stand out featuring fellow rhyme spitter Brother Seamus.

If Sway and Tech was still running how they use to, I can definitly see them spinning “Backpack Fuse” as that classic type song off “Dr. Deadhorse”. Being a backpacker myself in the younger days, I sure do appreciate this track reminding me of the golden era days hitting graff bombs in the streets of Los Angeles bumping songs on my headphones like this. There are still songs off the album I didn’t cover, now it’s up to you to listen to the rest. I score Moemaw Naedon’s new album a 8/10. My reason? It’s just that raw Hip Hop I’ve been craving for!



Side A

  1. Dr. Deadhorse
  2. Zoom
  3. Slime Volcanoes ft. Calig Kontra
  4. My Great Odin’s Raven
  5. Dark Water Rising
  6. Light Flash ft. Beeb

Side B

  1. Cookin Again
  2. Vamanos ft. DJ ADMC
  3. Shadowrun ft. Brother Seamus
  4. P.K.E. ft. DJ Bombeardo
  5. Backpack Fuse
  6. Extend Receptors

Format ,
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in


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