Tiffany Pollack
Bayou Liberty


Color: Swamp Green | Weight: 180 Gram

Tiffany Pollack will release her debut solo album on Nola Blue Records in follow-up to 2019’s award-winning Blues in My Blood, a duet record with her cousin, Eric Johanson. Bayou Liberty, a nod to Bayou Liberty Road in her childhood neighborhood as well as themes of personal liberty throughout her life, examines both the darkness and the light of the female experience. A prolific songwriter with unmistakable flair for raw impact, this album reflects Pollack’s individual journey.

Stepping into the producer’s role for the first time, Nola Blue label mate John Németh is at the helm of the project. Following the enormous success of his tenth career release, Stronger Than Strong, the pandemic pause in touring was a perfect opportunity to explore additional avenues to express his creativity. Németh’s musical influences and style blend beautifully with Tiffany’s roots-based sound, subtly yet powerfully shaping the tracks into their final format. The session will be engineered by Scott Bomar at Electraphonic Recording in Memphis.

At age 25, Tiffany gained new appreciation of the music in her soul when she was reunited with her biological family. Adopted at birth, the pieces of her musical puzzle suddenly came together as she learned of the generations of musical talent that preceded her. The timing of this project is cathartic for Pollack, who was located thanks to the research of her uncle Charles Ward. “I’m eternally happy that he found me,” says Pollack. “He profoundly changed my life for the better. Meeting my family reassured me that pursuing music, my passion, wasn’t wrong. It was my destiny.” In a very real sense, he helped Pollack attain her ultimate liberty. Ward passed away last month.

Nola Blue Records president Sallie Bengtson says, “I was captivated by Tiffany’s personal story from the first time I heard it. The multiple nominations and awards for the duet project with Johanson affirmed her musical path. Now is her opportunity to share her individual sound and solidify her place among today’s women in blues.”

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Side A

  1. Spit On Your Grave
  2. Colors
  3. Crawfish and Beer
  4. My Soul My Choice
  5. I’m Gonna Make You Love Me
  6. Sassy Bitch

Side B

  1. Mountain
  2. Livin’ For Me
  3. Baby Boys
  4. Do It Yourself
  5. Devil and the Darkness

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