Weather Warlock / Quintron
Headless Falcon


Color: Desert Peach | Weight: 180 Gram

The WEATHER WARLOCK is a musical instrument built by New Orleans artist and musician QUINTRON. The instrument is a large analog synthesizer which is controlled, via a set of outdoor sensors, by the changes in weather. The circuitry employs sun, rain, wind, temperature, moon, and lightning to affect a major-chordal drone with special sonic events occurring at sunrise and sunset. The base recordings for this, the second Weather Warlock album, were made in Abu Dhabi during a live performance on Saadiyat Island. Quintron and New Orleans drummer AARON HILL (EYEHATEGOD) traveled to the UAE to collaborate with a handful of local musicians for one week, composing and rehearsing the this material, prior to the performance. In particular, the album relies heavily on Egyptian master musician, SHERINE THOMAY’s electric Oud playing. Side A ventures into new territory for WW—a 16-minute hypnotic techno-Mellotron jam with oud, hand drums, and cinematic desert noise phasing in and out. Side B is a slow burn prog-rock ripper in 9 which, in addition to the Middle Eastern guest musicians, features a New Orleans horn section, snotty GARY WRONG vocals (another WW first), bass rumble from JEN ATTAWAY (SPLIT LIPS, UNNATURALS), and a pure garbage guitar solo by PETE LARSON (Bulb Records, COUCH, etc.), who flew to the UAE from Kenya for the jams.



Side A

  1. Dune Basher

Side B

  1. Fuck the Plan-O

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in




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